AMS Introduces Game-changing Single-Use Indicator To Monitor 2-8 C Temperature Excursions

In keeping with our ‘Advanced Monitoring Solutions’ ethos of bringing you the best of the best temperature monitors, we are proud to introduce Endicate™ to our range of products.  Endicate is the most accurate device of its kind and assures exceptionally reliable information about temperature excursions such as 2-8°C during shipment and storage.


Regulated product shipments present a challenge throughout shipping and storage. Product freshness and efficacy rely on a stable climate throughout the supply chain. In order to confirm that a delivery satisfies temperature demands, Endicate is an electronic temperature monitoring device that guarantees the integrity of a product by providing reliable information about thermal excursions upon receipt of shipment.

Endicate provides unparalled assurance you need to guarantee product quality. It has unmatched accuracy of ±0.5ºC (±0.9F) for all temperatures between -20°C and 70°C (-4°F -158°F)—which will protect the integrity of any highly regulated product.