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We develop compact electronic condition monitoring indicators using state-of-the-art technology. We build each product for your unique needs.

Finally, something truly different

Are you tired of hearing about ‘new’ temperature monitoring products?

It’s getting harder and harder to differentiate one from another. This is simply because they are actually pretty much alike. That is, until now.

Introducing Microflex

As the name suggests Microflex is small and light, and flexible to adapt to your needs.

All this is down to using the latest in printed electronics technology.

microflex condition monitoring

What makes it so special?

MicroFlex has been built from the ground up, through years of R&D, to create the best combination of great performance, ultra-low power requirements and importantly to our customers, low cost.

All this is achieved through advanced proprietary technology courtesy of our manufacturing partners, who are world leaders in printed electronics.

Products in stock

We begin with Microflex temperature and offer a range of stock products that deal with the most common requirements, such as 2-8ºC for Cold Chain designated pharmaceuticals.
2-8C temperature indicator
  • 2ºC Descending
  • 8ºC Ascending
  • LED Indication
1-10C temperature indicator
  • 1ºC Descending
  • 10ºC Ascending
  • LED Indication
15-25C temperature indicator
  • 15ºC Descending
  • 25ºC Ascending
  • LED Indication
20C - 24C temperature indicators
  • 20ºC Descending
  • 24ºC Ascending
  • LED Indication


Microflex technology allows you to build the ideal condition monitoring solution utilizing our small, low-cost indicator technology.

Please look through our stock products addressing some of the most common temperature needs, and by all means, talk to us about anything else that your products or shipments require.  


In addition to a full range of options for temperature monitoring, Microflex can provide custom solutions for other shipment conditions, so please talk to us about all your requirements.

We are always working on adding features to our condition monitors. Check our public roadmap to see what is in the works →

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