There are typically two types of companies supplying temperature monitoring solutions: Manufacturers, who focus on fitting as best as they can what they produce to sell to a customer, and ‘retailers’, who offer everything under the sun and leaving the customer to figure out what fits their needs best.
AMS is the best of all worlds: We combine our long-standing relationships with customers and with select vendors to source the best solutions to meet your needs.

“No single product or manufacturer is able to best fit all the needs of a given customer, so we act as your consultants, without the consulting fees, to ensure that you get the optimal solution for your temperature monitoring needs. The initial customer adoption is only where the work begins for us: As temperature monitoring experts, we will be with you throughout the journey, continuously advising and supporting you as technologies advance and letting you know when better solutions become available.”

Endicate provides unparalled assurance you need to guarantee product quality. It has unmatched accuracy of ±0.5ºC (±0.9F) for all temperatures between -20°C and 70°C (-4°F -158°F)—which will protect the integrity of any highly regulated product.